CIS Offline 23.11.2020, 09:00 – 17:00

Dear CIS Users,

We would like to inform you that the migration to the new data center of RNE will take place next week 23.11.2020 Monday from 09:00 to 17:00. During this period, users will not be able to log into the system or will have difficulty working on the same. For this reason I ask you to accept our apology and try to avoid using this application on that day.

Thank you very much for your understanding!


New and Redeveloped CIS Now Live

We are pleased to announce that after a full technical redevelopment, the new version of the Charging Information System (CIS) has now gone live. Seeing that the vast majority of the system’s users are the customers of our Members, the redevelopment of the system was considered a very worthwhile effort.

The new CIS provides a more forward-looking application and improved user experience for the query users, and easier maintenance of data for the Infrastructure Mangers’ CIS data managers. Due to a newly established connection to the RNE Big Data, which stores infrastructure data for all RNE IT systems in one single source,  the routing information has improved as well. In addition, the data quality management process, and thus the quality of data, has also been enhanced to provide charge estimates which more closely match the invoiced prices.

We are looking forward to having you as a regular user of the new CIS and hope you will have an excellent user experience.

If you have any questions regarding CIS, please contact us on

New, redeveloped CIS to go live this year

We are pleased to inform our users that a complete technical redevelopment of the CIS is currently ongoing accompanied by an overall data quality check approach. It has been recognised that the vast majority of the users are the customers of our members, which is a valid reason to take this important step to technically redevelop the CIS.  With the new CIS, we would like to provide a more forward-looking application for the convenience of all users including both customers and data managers. The planned schedule of the rollout in Q2 2020.

Due to the continuous migration of the data from the current CIS to the new one until the rollout date, it is not advisable to add new timetable year data to the current CIS. Therefore, charge estimates for 2021 will first be provided by the new CIS by applying a data quality management approach.

We hope for your understanding in this regard and look forward to having you as a regular user of the new CIS as well.

We will keep our users informed about the redevelopment including the final rollout of the new CIS.

RFC Amber now also in the CIS

RNE is pleased to inform the CIS query users that it is now possible to make price queries based on the routing of RFC Amber (RFC 11), too. This RFC became operational in mid-January 2019 with the participation of the Polish, the Slovak, the Hungarian and the Slovenian infrastructure managers and allocation body. The principal route of RFC Amber is the following:  Koper — Ljubljana –/Zalaszentiván — Sopron/Csorna –/(Hungarian-Serbian border) — Kelebia — Budapest –/– Komárom — Leopoldov/Rajka — Bratislava — Žilina — Katowice/Kraków — Warszawa/Łuków — Terespol — (Polish-Belarusian border).

With this step completed in the CIS, all operational RFCs are now included for a corridor-based calculation.


Rollout of RFC routing-based calculation of charge estimates

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited functionality that enables an RFC routing-based calculation of infrastructure charge estimates is now available in the CIS. What does this entail? In addition to the conventional method, which is independent of RFC routing, the users can now define on which RFC(s) and which of their path segments they would like to make a query for a charge estimate. All nine operational RFCs are included and the inclusion of the two new RFCs (RFC Western Balkan and RFC Amber) is pending. Please note that the RFC segments have not been defined yet by PKP PLK, RFI and SNCF Réseau and the data availability and quality is continuously being improved in this regard.

CIS user questionnaire

One of the goals of RailNetEurope is to provide harmonised IT systems at European level and to further develop them for the benefit of the railway sector.

To this end, the CIS user questionnaire has been developed to establish the users’ level of satisfaction with the CIS. The results shall contribute to the further improvement of the system’s performance and the quality of the provided information in order to better support users’ business needs.

All user feedback is essential for us. Therefore, we ask you to kindly fill in the questionnaire at the end of your charge estimate query where a direct link to the questionnaire is provided. It will only take 10 minutes and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


As of 18 December 2017 the info pages of RailNetEurope’s IT tools were relaunched in a revised and improved version. All relevant information about CIS is now available in a more user-friendly and modern way.

The website is designed to provide potential and existing users with a first insight into the functionality of RNE’s IT Tools. To meet modern-day standards, the website is modular and responsively designed in order to accommodate users who access the site through mobile devices. The redesign of this website was the final step of a complete relaunch of RNE’s web presence with the goal of making information easily accessible to all users.

Good quality websites are always depending on users’ input. Information updates and comments are therefore very welcome and can be requested at/addressed to