New, redeveloped CIS to go live this year

We are pleased to inform our users that a complete technical redevelopment of the CIS is currently ongoing accompanied by an overall data quality check approach. It has been recognised that the vast majority of the users are the customers of our members, which is a valid reason to take this important step to technically redevelop the CIS.  With the new CIS, we would like to provide a more forward-looking application for the convenience of all users including both customers and data managers. The planned schedule of the rollout in Q2 2020.

Due to the continuous migration of the data from the current CIS to the new one until the rollout date, it is not advisable to add new timetable year data to the current CIS. Therefore, charge estimates for 2021 will first be provided by the new CIS by applying a data quality management approach.

We hope for your understanding in this regard and look forward to having you as a regular user of the new CIS as well.

We will keep our users informed about the redevelopment including the final rollout of the new CIS.